TIA Compliance

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

TIA Compliance

For the past 20 years, cabling standards have been the cornerstone of ensuring proper design, installation, and performance of the network. The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) revolutionised our industry when they released the first TIA-568 Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard, which describes the design, installation, and performance requirements for telecommunications cabling systems in commercial buildings. On the whole, standards have enabled our industry to effectively advance faster and further. Unfortunately, data centres were historically designed in the absence of established standards. This had many network administrators faced with the challenge of choosing technologies and deciphering how to properly implement them into an often-undersized space that is responsible for securely and reliably providing all the existing and future services to an enterprise. In April 2005, the TIA responded with the TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centres, the first standard to specifically address data centre infrastructure. Intended for use by data centre designers early in the building development process, TIA-942 covers the following:

  • Site space and layout
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Tiered reliability
  • Environmental considerations

The Telecommunications Industry Association's TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers is an American National Standard that specifies the minimum requirements for telecommunications infrastructure of data centers and computer rooms including single tenant enterprise data centers and multi-tenant Internet hosting data centers. The topology proposed in the standard was intended to be applicable to any size data center. The standard was first published in 2005, following on the structured cabling work defined in TIA/EIA-568, and is often cited by companies such as ADC Telecommunications and Cisco Systems. The standard was updated with an addendum ANSI/TIA-942-A-1 in April 2013 from the TR-42.1 engineering subcommittee.

The TIA-942 specification references private and public domain data centre requirements for applications and procedures such as:

  • Network architecture
  • Electrical design
  • File storage, backup and archiving
  • System redundancy
  • Network access control and security
  • Database management
  • Web hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Content distribution
  • Environmental control
  • Protection against physical hazards (fire, flood, windstorm)
  • Power management


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